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Valuation Modelling Masterclass
London London United Kingdom Price £2,650.00
This 'hands-on' and practical modelling masterclass combines financial model building with valuation. An interesting course for someone who needs to use a financial model in investment appraisal or to value a company. The course covers Excel model build up and how a cash flow model should be integrated with valuation work.   more
Valuation Modelling Course
London London United Kingdom Price £1,300.00
A comprehensive review of company valuation, the main techniques and their inter-relationships. Topics include obtaining raw data for valuation, “cleaning” source numbers, defining and calculating firm value (enterprise vs. equity value), calculating reference multiples, and applying multiples to target company valuation.   more
The Effective Accountant
Liverpool Merseyside United Kingdom Price £3,950.00
The modern accountant works in an environment of continuous change. Their role has been irrevocably changed by globalisation, which has created a worldwide marketplace with a new level of competitiveness for every business, and improved and cheaper technology, which has made the recording, processing and reporting of financial information less expensive.   more
Social Media Training - London
London none United Kingdom Price £195.00
The social media revolution is here. Whether it’s a mystery to you or you want to share your experience, this session will challenge, inspire and enthuse you to take action and go social. This interactive course will help you understand the landscape of social media and plan an approach that empowers and excites the people you want to engage.   more
Project Finance
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
This course is ideal for individuals intending to learn how to finance and manage projects, professionals looking to advance their financial career and managers and executives needing to make investment decisions.   more
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Working in Mental Health
Selby North Yorkshire United Kingdom Price £99.00
This is a thought provoking qualification for learners who wish to develop their understanding of the issues involved when working with people with mental health problems. The course provides information regarding mental health issues, duty of care and care management and how to provide support in a way that promotes equality and diversity.   more
NCFE Level 2 Certificate in The Principles of Dementia Care
Selby North Yorkshire United Kingdom Price £99.00
This qualification will ensure learners develop and gain essential knowledge about caring for people with dementia. The course covers the benefits of positive communication, use of medication and the importance of person centred care.   more