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Volunteer Management Training (London) 25/04/2017
London London United Kingdom Price £195.00
This course makes recruitment, management and, most importantly, engagement of volunteers easy. The training encourages you to look closely at the motivations of volunteers and how organisations work with them. You will also examine contemporary approaches including co-production and the use of non-hierarchical teams.   more
Time Management Skills Training [Premium Course]
Sheffield South Yorkshire United Kingdom Price £199.00
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by how much you had to do, or felt you were allocating too much time to tasks that are nowhere near the top of your list? This course lets you regain control of your workload by managing yourself and others more intelligently.   more
Strategic Management (SQA & CMI)
Beckenham Kent United Kingdom Price £350.00
This NATIONALLY-ACCREDITED course enables you to develop skills and knowledge that will help you to contribute to the strategic management and planning of an organisation. It will enhance your understanding of the different theoretical approaches to strategy and the implications that they have for strategic management and enable you to develop a strategic plan.   more
Quality Management - Managing Resources and Quality (SQA & CMI)
Beckenham Kent United Kingdom Price £316.00
This NATIONALLY ACCREDITED qualification focuses primarily on the management of operational activities to relevant quality standards. It has the dual purpose of providing candidates with relevant skills, such as using financial data and developing quality management systems, and enabling them to understand the importance of factors like Total Quality Management and the use of technology.   more
Project Management Course (SQA & CMI)
Beckenham Kent United Kingdom Price £325.00
This NATIONALLY ACCREDITED course in Project Management equips you with the knowledge and practical skills required for successful project design and implementation in current and future employment. You will develop a project proposal including an outline project plan.   more
Mastering Team Leadership Skills
Manchester Greater Manchester United Kingdom Price £2,950.00
This training session is for experienced project managers examines advanced project and program management techniques, building on the basics to help ensure success even for large and risky projects and programs.   more
Leadership - Leadership And Change Course
Beckenham Kent United Kingdom Price £312.00
This NATIONALLY-ACCREDITED LEADERSHIP AND CHANGE equips you with the transferrable leadership and change management skills that can be applied in your organisation, no matter which sector you belong to. This course enables you to analyse different approaches to leadership and to think about how you could apply these to your own leadership approach.   more