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One to One Project Based Production And Final Cut Pro Training
London London United Kingdom Price £54.00
Spectacle is offering One to One production and Final Cut Pro training and on-going support working on YOUR film project. It is easy to find courses that teach you how to operate cameras and Final Cut Pro software but film making is more than just learning how to use equipment and software. This is a hybrid course; part training, part mentoring, part technical support, part consultancy- tailored   more
Final Cut Pro Weekend And Evening Training Courses
London London United Kingdom Price £240.00
This is a practical hands-on weekend course aimed at people who want a fast way to acquire detailed and concise editing skills. It is particularly useful for aspiring documentary makers, journalists who want to expand their skill set and voluntary sector workers who want to edit their own films.   more
Evening Session: Documentary Research
London London United Kingdom Price £54.00
Drawing on the example of either The Truth Lies in Rostock or The Battle of Trafalgar* Mark Saunders will demonstrate a range of research strategies and techniques for producing investigative factual programmes based on his award winning work with Despite TV and Spectacle.   more
Evening Session: Copyright for Independent Film Makers
London London United Kingdom Price £54.00
An archive users guide to the main principles of copyright law aimed at independent film makers. You can study copyright law for years and make a rewarding career out of arguing the finer point in a court of law but what do you really need to know, as a lay person, to navigate copyright law. How to avoid unnecessary expenses or getting sued.   more