Sculptured And Fibreglass Nail Course
Training Provider: Glotanz
Address: Unit 2 The Barn, The Homestead Centre, Watling Street, Potterspury
City: Towcester
County/State: Northamptonshire
Country: United Kingdom
Price: £149.00
Date Added: September 10, 2012
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Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Delivery: Classroom
Course Description:
The GloBeauty Sculptured and Fibreglass Nail Course gives you the option to give your clients a man made or natural material. Fibreglass extensions are least likely to cause your clients an allergic reaction and are least prone to cause fungal infections and are the quickest to remove and are great for the short time user. They make an ideal option for a nail repair or for strengthening your natural nails.

Sculptured nails extensions are made using a foil and Sculptured Nail extensions can be made from Acrylic and Gel . They are quick, easy and the easiest to maintain.

The nail and beauty industry is a fast-growing industry and good nail technicians are in high demand. With this course you will get to try your hand with some advanced techniques.

Our Sculptured and Fibreglass Nail Course covers:

* Health and safety
* UV curable acrylic
* Preparation of the nail
* Sculptured nails
* Repair and maintenance
* Aftercare
* Contra-indications UV curable gel
* Overlay application
* Nail correction techniques
* Removal of nails