One to One Project Based Production And Final Cut Pro Training
Training Provider: Spectacle
Address: No 25, 99-109 Lavender Hill, London, SW11 5QL
City: London
County/State: London
Country: United Kingdom
Price: £54.00
Date Added: March 14, 2013
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Course Duration: 2,5 hours
Course Description:
One to One Project Based Production And Final Cut Pro Training

Spectacle is offering One to One production and Final Cut Pro training and on-going support working on YOUR film project. It is easy to find courses that teach you how to operate cameras and Final Cut Pro software but film making is more than just learning how to use equipment and software.

This is a hybrid course; part training, part mentoring, part technical support, part consultancy- tailored to your personal needs.


Work on your own film project as you learn.
You can even work on your own laptop.
Flexibilty: You can book sessions by the hour as and when you need them. As many or as few as you need.
Get the advice you need when you need it.
We can also offer a data back up service.

Topics covered include:

Advice on shooting to edit, suitable filming equipment, technical concerns etc.

Final Cut Pro software

- Overview of Final Cut Pro
- Editing basics, cutting, moving and arranging clips
- Transitions and effects
- Use of logging, key words and database to organise your edit
- Creating titles
- Using sound
- Importing and exporting media
- Uploading on-line
- basic intro to codecs and formats
- Work flows
- Using the software to its best advantage.
- Codecs, backing up and organising your digital media.
- Editing techniques
- Shooting to edit
- Lo-budget tips
- Learn about digital editing principles in a way that is future proof
- Copyrights, permissions and using third party material etc