Web Development with JavaScript Training Course in London
Training Provider: LondonInformaticsAcademy
Address: 115-125 Powis Street
City: woolwich,
County/State: London
Country: United Kingdom
Price: £199.00
Date Added: April 7, 2015
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Course Duration: 2 Days (10 Hours)
Course Delivery: Classroom
Course Description:
Course Objectives

JavaScript is programming language of the web. In this course, specially we will teach essential skills and knowledge for the basic and intermediate level of JavaScript e.g adding date and time, validating form elements, checking the details of a browser, setting cookies, adding simple games to a web page. This course will provide the ways to validate the form data and ways to build interactive sites by adding the behaviour to the elements of the web page. This course acts as the foundation to learn the jQuery and Angular JS.

Skills Required
HTML and CSS Knowledge

Course Outline

Introduction to javaScript
Enabling in various browsers
Conditional Statements
Built-in Objects
Overview of Javascript Frameworks