Social Media Training - London
London London United Kingdom Price £195.00
The social media revolution is here. Whether it’s a mystery to you or you want to share your experience, this session will challenge, inspire and enthuse you to take action and go social. This interactive course will help you understand the landscape of social media and plan an approach that empowers and excites the people you want to engage.   more
Project Management
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
Core components of project management The benefits of effective project management Project environment and PESTLE analysis Roles and responsibilities within a project Purpose and the business case Production of an efficient project management plan Stakeholder management and analysis Successful leadership and teamwork Configuration management and change control Procurement Project risk management   more
Essential Marketing Strategy
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
Day 1. Understanding Marketing Strategy Understanding the Marketing Environment & the forces that will impact upon strategy Understanding the need for research and insight How to select and segment your audience Developing your brand & competitive position Day 2. Producing your Marketing Plan Formulating your Marketing Mix Strategy How to communicate your offering Measuring marketing effectiven   more
Artificial Intelligence Training Course
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
The present, the future and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence. Learn the technical essentials of AI.   more
CSS and HTML Essentials Course
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
The ECT’s CSS and HTML course is designed to provide the necessary technical skills and tools to utilise CSS and HTML when dealing with websites: either in design or on a day-to-day basis.   more
Cyber Security For Businesses Course
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
The ECT’s course is designed to identify the main risks affecting businesses today, provide guidance on the legal requirements and offer practical solutions on how to manage and reduce these threats.   more
Self-Driving Cars
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
Learn about the current developments in self-driving car technology and the exciting technical aspects this technology can offer.   more