Lesserian Curative Hypnotherapy - Practical Course
Birmingham West Midlands United Kingdom Price £2,050.00
Accredited course for professional qualification. *A practical therapy has to be taught in a practical manner.* Witness actual treatment with genuine Volunteer Patients. Average tutor/student ratio of 1:4, tuition, explanations, demonstrations, supervised practice – providing unparalleled learning opportunity.   more
Management Training - Edinburgh
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £195.00
A leadership and management training programme that offers new and soon-to-be managers the opportunity to build confidence, learn key skills, and explore a variety of management techniques.   more
London London United Kingdom Price £3,450.00
This three-day workshop aims to explain treasury asset and liability management techniques and provide an introductory overview of modern bank treasury operations. While the nature and scope of treasury activities may be different from one banking organisation to the other, they all hinge upon treasury´s inheritance of the company´s financial balance sheet (and often off-balance sheet positions) –   more
Private Equity Investing Strategies for M & A
London London United Kingdom Price £3,450.00
Timing Pricing and avoiding the ‘winner’s' curse Synergy evaluation Project management and implementation The investment process Identifying suitable investments Due diligence and documentation Assessing the investment Different types of investment structures This course is also available bespoke for larger groups and organisations.   more
Consultative Selling
London London United Kingdom Price £495.00
Successful sales people have a customer-centric approach; they know their customers’ issues and needs and ensure any solution provided matches those needs in a measurable way. There are 7 major stages in the typical client decision process – and this is true for long or short cycle businesses and almost every type of purchase. The workshop helps successful sales people to navigate their customer t   more
Corporate Finance Masterclass
London London United Kingdom Price £4,950.00
his is a practical course to show you how to apply the principles of corporate finance and how to analyse many important issues including M&A, IPOs, restructuring, managing for value and LBOs. A key feature is that the course demonstrates how the different applications draw upon a common core framework based on the principles of financial economics that are reviewed on the first day. In addition,   more
Accounting for Project Finance| IFRS10
London London United Kingdom Price £3,500.00
The success of any project finance venture requires a good understanding of the structures and which are most appropriate for the sponsoring company, the partners and the risk profile. However, the reporting requirements of certain structures can have a huge impact on whether sponsors utilise the Project Finance route. Also, investors will take into account their ability to recognise profits as we   more