This page here contains answers to commonly-asked questions about our training course directory. Please take the time to read through these FAQs below before listing your training course. If you still have some questions after reading this information please contact us .


Frequently Asked Questions

» What Is HowToBecome.info Course Directory?

HowToBecome.info training course directory is developed for training and course providers who would like to sell and promote their training courses.

We receive thousands of visitors each month who are looking for all type of training and professional development course. One of the fastest growing training course directories in the UK, our growth is due in part to offering training providers a high ranking web platform and user-friendly tools that allows training providers to list their courses quickly and easily and ability to manage, edit, upgrade and monitor their course listings at any time.

» Do I Need To Register To List Courses?

To list your training courses with our course directory you have to register to become a member. Registration is free and easy.

» I Did Not Receive An Account Activation Email?

If you did not receive an account activation email or you are havening any other technical issues or questions please contact us.

» Is There A Tutorial For How To Create A Listing?

Listing your courses is really fast and easy and the process is self explanatory, however there is step-by-step tutorial written in CourseExpert blog: How To List Training Courses With HowToBecome.info Course Directory.

» Is It Free To List My Courses?

Yes, we are currently running a promotional offer where all listing packages are free, including some optional extras. This offer will save over £ 70 on one 12 month course listings and would give you substantial savings if you have more than one course to list. Take advantage of this free offer now as it will be only running for limited period of time!

» Do I Need To Enter My Credit Card Details?

No, all the payments are processed by PayPal so no credit or debit card details are required. Because of the current promotional offer you will only be directed to PayPal if you have chosen any chargable option like featured or bold listing. Also, there are no hidden, recurring our automatic charges of any kind.

» What Type Of Listing Packages Do You Offer?

We currently offer:

  • » 1 month listing
  • » 3 month listing
  • » 6 month listing
  • » 12 month listing

» I Can Not Find Appropriate Category To List Under?

Please contact us with your category suggestions or list under the closest general category.

» Is There A Limit To How Many Course I Can List?

No, you can list unlimited number of courses, provided that any of the listings are not duplicate.

» Can I Make Changes Or Update My Listings?

Yes, you can edit, add and remove information or images and upgrade or delete you listing at any time. Under ‘My Account’ you have total control over your listings and you can also make changes to any other aspect of your account.

» How People Can Contact Me To Inquirer About the Courses?

Our system allows you to send and receive private messages to communicate with potential customers. People can also contact you through the contact details you have posted or follow the link back to your website.

» Will I Be Notified Before My Listing Expires?

Yes, you will be notified week before your listing is to expire. Once the listing has expired it will still remain visible for 10 days giving you a chance to renew it before it is deleted. Listings can be upgraded at any time under your user account settings.

» Can I Use My Course Directory Login Details To Access Other Parts Of Your Site?

Career forum and career blog are managed by different departments and require separate registration, however, you can use the same username and email address when signing up to other parts of the site.

» Our Company Provides Large Number Of Courses, Can You List Them For Us?

Yes, now we do provide course listing service where we list your courses for you. This service is free and gives you full access and control over your account and listings. Find out more here: List My Courses.

» What Other Advertising Options Do You Offer Beside Course Listings?

We also offer content marketing that is very powerful and effective marketing and advertising method. Publishing your guest post on our career and job blog is absolutely free and will have many benefits for your business.

Another method to reach potential customers and promote your training school, course or company is to participate in our career forum. At our career forum we have lot of people who are asking questions and looking information about available training courses, career and job opportunities and other career and training related products. Answering their questions will allow you to promote your training course, school or company. You can leave a link to your website as a signature in your post. Buy posting on our forum you will be able to gain lot of new visitors to your site as well as find out what people are looking for and get feedback about your training course. By posting on our forum you will increase your training company credibility and profile and will be seen as an expert in your field. And the best part is that the post you have made will not expire so anybody who are browsing the forum for years to come will be able to find your company.

» How To Get Promotional And Discount Codes?

From time to time we will send out promotional codes to our existing customers. If you are running a training course, school or company and are registered user at any part of our website we will email you any promotional or discount codes or any other offers or promotions we have. You can also find our promotional codes through our TV radio or newspaper advertising. Currently no discount codes are required as all listing packages a free.

» Can I Use The Same Promotional/Discount Code To Post More Than One Listing?

You can post as many ads with the same valid promotional code as you like. If your training company offers more than one training course or have training courses in different places and/or on different times or you would like to approach your customers from different angel then you can have more then one listing. We do not however accept duplicate listings - all the duplicate listings will be deleted.