Digital Marketing and Communications
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
Digital marketing is consistently evolving at a rapid rate. This module enables you to assess the impact of the disruptive digital landscape in delivering objectives, to develop strategic recommendations and how creating digital marketing plan can enable organisations to respond with agility to market needs.   more
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
The Fintech course is great for individuals wanting to understand the dynamic new FinTech landscape which has grown beyond traditional financial services. Participants will include managers and company directors wanting to effectively integrate FinTech systems into their business.   more
Rail specific bid/tender workshop
Bolton none United Kingdom Price £315.00
Thornton & Lowe's rail sector bid/tender training workshops are aimed at anyone looking to get involved in, or improve, bids for rail-related contracts.   more
Improving your Success rates (ITT) workshop
Bolton none United Kingdom Price £295.00
This is for those with experience but who want to improve what they are currently doing and covers winning contracts through bidding, completing your ITT and post-bid work.   more
Introduction to Bidding workshop
Bolton none United Kingdom Price £295.00
This session is aimed at individuals with limited experience and covers basics of the procurement process, completing a PQQ and continuous improvement.   more
Professional Wedding & Event Planning
Bristol Avon United Kingdom Price £495.00
Become a wedding planner or event manager with the help of experienced ex-professional tutors. Follow their lucrative career paths and learn everything you need to know to decide if this is the dream career for you and then get started.   more
Curative Hypnotherapy Introduction
Birmingham West Midlands United Kingdom Price £75.00
Learn how the subconscious works, how problems / symptoms are created and how modern understanding of hypnosis can be applied via curative hypnotherapy to help dispose of them. This course is suitable for those who have no prior experience or training in hypnosis and for practitioners trained in traditional uses of hypnotherapy who wish to increase their skill-s   more