Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
With the ECT’s Finance for Non-Financial Managers course, participants from non-Financial backgrounds can gain an insight in to how Finance works, and learn about how they can apply this to their own situation. The course is aimed at individuals from all ranges of academic and professional backgrounds wanting an intensive introduction to Finance.   more
Strategic Communications
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
The Strategic Communications course is suited for individuals looking to develop their technical communications skills, managers and directors wanting to develop a communications strategy and consultants looking to improve their knowledge of communications.   more
Human Resource Management
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
The Human Resource Management course is well suited for individuals looking to move into a career in Human Resources, Managers and Directors wanting to evaluate Human Resource strategy in their company and those looking to increase their skills and knowledge in the area of Human Resource Management.   more
Essential Marketing Strategy
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
The Essential Marketing Strategy course is great for business owners looking to expand their company with effective marketing, individuals wanting to move into the marketing sector, or add marketing knowledge to their range of skill and individuals from technical backgrounds wishing to expand their knowledge to include the essentials of marketing.   more
Digital Marketing and Communications
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
Digital marketing is consistently evolving at a rapid rate. This module enables you to assess the impact of the disruptive digital landscape in delivering objectives, to develop strategic recommendations and how creating digital marketing plan can enable organisations to respond with agility to market needs.   more
Edinburgh none United Kingdom Price £642.00
The Fintech course is great for individuals wanting to understand the dynamic new FinTech landscape which has grown beyond traditional financial services. Participants will include managers and company directors wanting to effectively integrate FinTech systems into their business.   more
Rail specific bid/tender workshop
Bolton none United Kingdom Price £315.00
Thornton & Lowe's rail sector bid/tender training workshops are aimed at anyone looking to get involved in, or improve, bids for rail-related contracts.   more