September 23, 2017

About Us

HowToBecome.infoWelcome to our Career And Job Blog

Our aim is to provide useful and detailed information about many different jobs and occupations, help people discover how to get their desired profession, so that they can plan their new career pathways, define career direction, set goals and plan their action or manage job transitions. We also offer info on courses, training, qualifications and provide you with other career and jobs related advice and info.

Our Blog Has 4 Main Categories:

1. Success Stories

Articles in this category have been submitted by individual and are about their real life experiences of how they got that particular occupation and what made them to choose this vocation, what qualifications and training was required, how difficult was getting a job or starting a business and how they are getting on now.

If you would like to share your experience about becoming somebody we would love to hear from you. Submit your story…

2. Career Guides

In this category we would like to give detailed tips, advice and step by step information on how to become anything that you want. We try to cover as many professions as possible and give people clear overview and direction how to get one or another profession.

In this category we would like to cover the following about each job and profession:

  • Where do I start and how do I get a foot in the door
  • What qualifications, training and skills are required
  • How and where to apply
  • Tools and equipment required
  • Where hand how to find work
  • How to start business and find customers
  • Advise on interview and selection process
  • Interview and test questions
  • Salary, benefits and working conditions
  • Advancement and further development
  • Niche and business idea
  • Useful contacts, links and resources
  • And lot more to cover all the aspects of getting any possible job or profession.

3. Job Search

This category is more for general employment information, tips and advice about finding careers, getting jobs, employment advice and lot more.

We would be happy to consider publishing guest post here, especially from career experts and employment advisor. Guest post guidelines…

4. Get Trained

This category is about training industry, training courses and course providers. Here we would also like to cover support services, grants and funding and industry trends and more. If you are training provider and would like to write about your courses or anything else training a and development related please contact us. Guest post guidelines…

5. News And Events

Here we will publish all our site news as well as news about jobs and training and other relevant and interesting news in career industry sector.

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Training Courses

When you want to become somebody you often need training to get necessary skills, qualifications, licence or certificate, that is why we have a large part of the site dedicated for training courses. In our course directory you can browse through wide variety of training courses form hundred of training providers all over UK. You can find detailed course descriptions, you can compare different training courses and contact training providers for bookings or more information about the courses on offer.

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