September 23, 2017

Submit Your Personal Story

Submit Your Personal StoryIf you have recently changes your occupation, started a new job, taken an interesting training course or have had any other interesting and useful career or training related experiences, either positive or negative, then we would like to invite you to share your personal story and experience with others.

To submit a story you DO NOT need to be a professional writer or even have good grammar or spelling skills, just write naturally as you would write a letter to a friend and just keep it detailed and interesting. Each story will be edited by our blog editors to check grammar and spelling and made otherwise presentable so that you can only focus on simply writing from the heart.

Your story can be written in many or any forms, it can be instructive, explaining how to become someone or the story can be inspirational, showing how you managed to get your desired job, career or a profession or it can have a critical or negative tone, if something did not go exactly as you expected, imagined or planned.

Unfortunately we can not publish all the stories we receive and we have to pick and choose the most relevant, helpful and interesting ones. To maximize the chances for your story to get published we suggest to add some photos or images. Also we suggest contacting us before you start writing and give us a short description or draft of your story.

Also, if you want to be anonymous for whatever reason, you can use pen name instead your real name and change locations or business names if that does not effect the usefulness or relevancy of the story.

Once your story is approved, it will be credited to you (the author name you have specified) and it will be published under ‘Personal Stories’ category of our blog on its own page and our blog readers can leave you comments or ask questions.

You can also add relevant links to your story if you want to, just include the link URL to your story, right after the text you would like to use as the anchor/link text.

Also, please add your byline. Your bylines should be two to three sentences long and explaining about you, your business, website, company or service. You can include up to two links in your byline. Your byline will be published at the end of your post, but we will also add a short introduction at the beginning of the post and that will include your main link.

Once we receive your completed story, we will inform you in few working days if it has been accepted or if it needs some edits. Once we have notified you that your story is approved it can still take up to 2 weeks before it will appear live on our website.

Please send your stories, story ideas or drafts as a regular email or a word document. 

If you are not ready yet to submit your own personal story, feel free to brows and read the stories that have already been published on our blog and leave comments for the authors, they will certainly appreciate your support.

If you would like to submit guest post other than personal story pleas read these guest post quidelines

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