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Introduction Understanding basic accounting concepts is a must for every small business owner. Even if you have an accountant that takes care of that “accounting stuff”, you need to kno

AMT Training’s Real Estate Modelling Masterclass is a specialist public course for professionals in the real estate industry. On this two day course, those taking part will be introduced to real

Accounting and finance training provides the necessary knowledge, which can be carried into professions like tax preparation, accounting, marketing and financial advising. This course is especially be

The course develops excellent skills and knowledge such as preparing for meetings, dealing with people both on telephone and face-to-face, exceptional interpersonal abilities, and first-class business

At LBTC, we provide a selection of learning courses, whether you want to start studying a beginners marketing course or add to your existing skillset with course in PR. These courses help build your p

Operations and project management course develops leadership skills, and offer you with significant knowledge and skills to successfully handle your project from beginning to end. It trains the necess

LBTC’s Banking, Account & Finance course is designed to make you a qualified finance and accounting professional. In the course you get to learn the core concepts, principles & terminol

Mastering in the public sector helps establish practical, cost-effective and sustainable approaches to strategic execution, which can be applied to your company in real-time. The course focuses on ess

Both companies and individuals today are mainly seeking leadership and soft skills training. At LBTC, we provide leadership and soft skill training to help you fill in the gaps, ensuing in a more effe

LBTC’s Strategic Management courses enhance the performance of your business in their external environments. In the course, you are being taught to consider the rational approach, strategic dec
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Our flagship training programme. Over the course of 4 weeks, participants will undergo very intense and challenging training in corporate valuations and financial modelling and sellside presentatio

Introduction: The development of powerful and sensible business/financial models is a basic tool in today’s value-driven organisation. As shareholders are progressively worried about the value