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Here You Can Find Complementary Therapy Courses such as Massage, Reflexology, Relaxation, Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture Training Courses, Counselling Courses, Colour Therapy and Crystal Healing Courses, Holistic Therapy and Alternative Medicine Courses, Alexander Technique, Aromatherapy, Herbal Medicine, Homoeopathy, Naturopathy, and Reiki Courses and much more...

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The Iridology Diploma Course is primarily aimed at those who wish to set up their own iridology practice with confidence, but anyone with an interest in alternative sciences and treatments will enjoy
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Giving clear, step-by-step guidance, this Crystal Healing for Animals Diploma Course informs novices in how to use the power of crystals to aid in the recovery of health and wellness in animals.
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The Eating Disorder Awareness Diploma Course is aimed at those who are, or think they may be, suffering with an eating disorder and would like to get a better understanding of the condition, including
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Who Would Benefit From The Gestalt Therapy Course? Whether you know the basics or are a complete beginner to the practice, the Gestalt Therapy Course will take you from novice to business owner. Exist
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This course is perfect for those that are looking to work with businesses to help them reduce stress in the workplace. Approved and endorsed by ILM – the Institute of Leadership and Management
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With its comprehensive study materials, the Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Practitioner Course is accessible to anyone, regardless of previous study or experience. While novices to hypnotherapy are ab
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The Subtle Body Anatomy Diploma Course is accessible to anyone who wishes to learn more about the energy of the body, how to connect with this energy and even harness it to essentially heal yourself o
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The Mindfulness for Children Diploma Course requires no prerequisite knowledge, so is immediately accessible, no matter whether students have studied this subject before or have never heard of it. The

Learn this slow, meditative deep tissue massage originating from Goa in India. The massage uses deep strokes with the fingers, fists, forearms and elbows and incorporates joint rotations and yogic str

HypnoTC is an award-winning training company. Our Hypnotherapy Diploma course blends theory and practical applications to offer you comprehensive hypnotherapy training, which exceeds the National Occu
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The NLP4Kids silver level training is our foundation level and consists of 4 days live training. You are probably wondering what’s actually covered during those 4 days of live training, so let m
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NLP is an understanding of how we code our life experiences and give them meaning. By understanding this, we can use strategies and techniques to create change in our behaviour and results, which help