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Here You Can Find Healthcare And Medical Training Courses, Dentistry and Public Health Courses, Diet and Nutrition Courses, Medical Secretary and Health Management Courses, Counselling Courses, Massage And Therapy Courses, Nursing and Care Courses, Pharmacy Technician Courses And Much More.

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Have any of you shown an interest in studying for a nursing degree? UK hospitals in particular are always on the lookout for nurses due to staff shortages, and this course could be the perfect start f
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Taken from our suite of health and social care training courses, this qualification aims to develop and improve your knowledge and skills in relation to adult social care. Unlike other health and soc
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This mental health training course aims to give you knowledge about a range of different mental health issues and covers causes of these issues as well as how mental health problems can be managed and
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Would any of your learners benefit from an increased understanding of the care needed at the end of life? Level 2 courses such as this one are ideal for learners looking to take the first steps toward
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Would you benefit from developing their knowledge of handling medication safely? This course supports you in understanding different types of medication and what they are used for, how to store and di
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Would any of you benefit from studying a nutrition course? Distance learning makes it possible for you to study anytime, anywhere. This qualification aims to provide you with the knowledge needed to
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Would any of you benefit from completing a dignity and safeguarding course? This qualification aims to develop your knowledge of safeguarding adults in health and social care settings. This course con

Would any of you benefit from completing some caring training courses? For carers, or individuals looking to become carers, training courses are second only to on-the-job training in terms of gaining

Tired of searching for appropriate autism courses online? UK learners can study this course to gain an understanding of Autism Spectrum Conditions (ASCs) and how you can affect people in a variety of

This training course discusses cognitive theories which relate to autism and how people who are on the autism spectrum may need support and adjustment in methods of communication and in preparing for

Learn this slow, meditative deep tissue massage originating from Goa in India. The massage uses deep strokes with the fingers, fists, forearms and elbows and incorporates joint rotations and yogic str

Introduction This course is designed for health science participants—medical, nursing, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, pharmacy, social work, public health, and others—who will