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Who Would Benefit From The Sustainable Living Diploma Course? Whether you’re interested in protecting the environment and reducing your consumption of the world’s resources or you’d just like to
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This two-week training course on Advanced Strategic Information Technology has been popular with senior executives and managers responsible for the IT strategy of the organization, because of the indu

This course is organised in cooperation with leading universities and is suitable for anyone from an engineering, finance, marketing, project development or product design perspective. The course tuto
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Working throughout the UK, Keyturn also take on English-speaking assignments abroad for international clients. Our priority is developing people so that they are more able to do the jobs which they ar
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Next Date: 5th February 2020 A unique day of interactive and participatory learning to build your skills and confidence as a facilitator, meeting organiser or workshop leader. We will look closely at
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The Advanced Wicca Diploma Course is designed for students who have completed our Wicca Diploma Course, practising Wiccans and those with a good grasp of the basics who wish to learn more, either to p
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Primarily, the Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritionist Diploma Course is aimed at those who wish to use the knowledge gained from the course to set up their own business as a nutritionist working in this sp
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Managing Workplace Stress Course It’s long been acknowledged and accepted that a little bit of POSITIVE stress in your life is actually good for you. Being under pressure can help motivate you and k
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Focused Muscle injury course for existing ultrasound practitioners – 18th & 19th March 2019 A short focused course with CASE accreditation and certificate of competency following assessment.
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Introduction The HR functionality can become a high-value-added part of the organisation and play a vital role in enhancing and executing corporate strategy. This is a direct result of the growing imp
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This intensive corporate training course on Strategic Information Technology is designed for board members and senior executives who do not work in the Information Technology (IT) sector. This course
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The Reiki Diploma Course The Reiki course is ideal for individuals who are interested in learning more about becoming a Reiki healer. This course is filled with information on how to utilise the princ