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If you have completed our Reflexology Diploma Course or already have a good level of foundational knowledge, the Advanced Reflexology Diploma Course will help you to progress your skills, knowledge, and technical ability. You will understand more about the human body and the ailments it can suffer and deepen your knowledge of the relationship between reflexology and natural healing.

For business owners, along with improving your knowledge, the course will give you extra confidence in your practice, your business acumen, and enable you to reach and assist a wider range of clients.

This is an advanced course, so it is assumed that you have a working knowledge of basic reflexology techniques before you begin studying this course. If you are new to the subject, please try our Reflexology Diploma Course, or Hand Reflexology Diploma Course if you are looking for a specialised course.

What Will You Learn?

Progress your reflexology skills and develop your practice, with the Advanced Reflexology Diploma Course. This course builds upon your foundational skills with an extended knowledge of anatomy, physiology and how to better promote an environment in which the body’s own system can boost the healing process.

The course will take you through a comprehensive study of human biology and how reflexology can be used in the treatment of specific conditions such as stress, infertility and pregnancy. You will also develop a strong understanding of the powerful connection that exists between reflexology and natural healing.

From the Advanced Reflexology Diploma Course, you will learn how to improve the treatments you provide. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the ethos of reflexology and how you can develop a more intuitive, observational practice, that will reveal contra-indications of specific common health issues while ensuring you can translate the reflex map of the hands, feet and ears.

Upon successful completion of this course you will:

  • Have a deeper comprehension of the interconnection between the body and reflexology
  • Gain a working knowledge of the physiology of the body
  • Understand reflexology’s relation to anatomy and physiology
  • Know how reflexology can help some aspects of fertility and conception
  • Be able to use reflexology to provide comfort during the first trimester of pregnancy
  • Understand what makes a good clinical practice
  • Have advanced your knowledge of foot biomechanics and foot conditions to look out for during treatment
  • Be comfortable using hand and ear reflexology techniques, alongside foot reflexology, to maximise healing
  • Know how to set up an online or offline business, understand marketing, know how to create goals, and consider financials and advertising budgets

Course Provider Centre Of Excellence
Course Fee £147.00
Course Delivery online
Course Duration 150 hours
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Country United Kingdom
State/Province England
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