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The Advanced Wicca Diploma Course is designed for students who have completed our Wicca Diploma Course, practising Wiccans and those with a good grasp of the basics who wish to learn more, either to progress their practice or for academic purposes.

In this next step in your Wiccan journey, you will discover how this spiritual path can further enrich your life. With full explanations and step-by-step guidance on the theories, techniques and practices of Wicca, you’ll learn that nothing you want is out of reach.

What Will You Learn?

Take your Wiccan practice further with the Advanced Wicca Diploma Course. If you’ve studied our Wicca Diploma Course or have a pre-existing foundational knowledge of Wicca and would like to understand more about the practice, this course is just what you need to delve deeper into the magical arts. You will become immersed in ways to strengthen your spells and learn powerful new spells and techniques that will take you beyond this realm, recover your ailments and give you access to spiritual guidance. You’ll also discover how to craft your own spells and grant your heart’s desires.

This course takes you further into the theories and history of Wiccan practices, in particular, the use of spells and your understanding of them. You’ll discover more about how spells come together and how to increase the potency of their effects.

From studying the Advanced Wicca Diploma Course you’ll progress in your practice exponentially. It goes into further detail about creating and working within your sacred space, understanding the energies that you work with, and how to harness the power of the elements and the moon in your spells.

Discover advanced love spells and how to tap into your magnetic force and condition your aura so that you radiate love and draw people to you. You’ll discover how to use your Wiccan practice to strengthen your relationships. You’ll also explore sex magic and how to utilise this powerful, raw energy in your spells.

Money spells are covered in detail, with explanations of the law of attraction and specific spells crafted to help you gain riches and increase prosperity.

The Advanced Wicca Diploma Course shows you how negative emotions can cause ailments and that changing these thought processes can help you to heal. You’ll also learn how to harness cosmic light and use chakras to further aid the healing process.

Explore the nighttime rituals and practices of Wicca, as the course guides you through the meanings of your dreams, how to use the Full Moon spell to effectuate change in your life and how to practice astral projection.

Uncover the power of thought forms, including how to create and make contact with your Watcher to aid you in certain tasks, and how to seek and obtain guidance from your Spirit Guide. You’ll also broaden your knowledge into divination, with the following all covered in the course: tarot cards, Norse runes, reading tea leaves, scrying, pendulum magic, automatic writing, and numerology.

In addition to teaching you advanced spells and techniques, the Advanced Wicca Diploma Course helps you to unlock your full potential by guiding you through crafting your own spells and rituals.

Course Provider Centre Of Excellence
Course Fee £127.00
Course Delivery online
Course Duration 150 hours
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Phone Number 0800 955 6808
Country United Kingdom
State/Province England
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