Alkaline Nutritionist Diploma Course

Date:17th September 2017 6:57 pm

Who would benefit from this nutritionist course?

This fascinating course is ideal for those looking to become healthier by adopting a more alkaline diet and for those looking to help others to do the same.

If you are already a nutritional advisor or involved in the fitness industry, then this course would be perfect for you. It would also be ideal for those looking to start their own business in advising clients about their health and nutrition.

What will you learn?

This powerful and potentially life-changing course will teach you everything that you need to know about living a more alkaline lifestyle. Living the Alkaline way will lift your spirit high, you will feel alive and healthier than ever!

Throughout 7 fascinating modules, the course will help you to become healthier and happier, harnessing the power of mindfulness to make positive changes. You will be peaceful, centred, calm of mind through mental and spiritual disciplines. The Alkaline Nutritionist course is a lifestyle which you have to be committed to seeing the benefits. It requires effort to achieve your health goals, whether they be weight loss or healing the body, and the results can transform your life.

This Alkaline Nutritionist course is no diet, it is a complete lifestyle change. It contains no theoretical fluff. If you follow the steps you can expect some fantastic results, making you feel happy when you lose weight and get healthy without really dieting. Arm yourself with scientific proof about the benefits of the alkaline diet. Feel happy with yourself because you are finally eating the foods your body was created to eat. Feel relief because there is no calorie counting, deprivation or diet mindsets. If you’ve struggled with being overweight for a while this course will teach you how to change the way you think about food, fitness and health. Learn how to change the mindset you’ve always had and which has always set you up for failure. Heal your body, avoid disease and correct your weight. If you want to heal yourself and others then this is the course for you.

You will learn about pH and how different foods affect the body which will help your body balance out its pH levels. You will discover how the body deals with acidic foods and how the blood pH has to rebalance itself when you consume acidic foods. You will learn about juicing and how this can be a very effective way to rebalance the pH.

You will discover about which foods can cause sensitivities and which to eliminate from diets. You will be able to diagnose illnesses and advise clients on how to eliminate certain foods, giving them better access to a healthier lifestyle.

You will learn about mindfulness so you can coach clients how to live mindfully and discover the importance of living spiritually for a healthy mind and body. You will learn the importance of exercise and how to coach clients in a business. The course also covers various marketing tools which are invaluable in getting your business set up.

As an Alkaline Nutritionist, this course will expand your knowledge base and skill set, enabling you to offer more focused nutrition and weight management sessions and advice to your clients. For this course to really work for you, you have to have made the choice to do whatever it takes.

Course Provider Centre Of Excellence
Course Fee £147.00
Course Delivery online
Course Duration 150 hours
Website Link
Phone Number 0800 955 6808
United Kingdom
Manchester M1 4BT