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Ever since the emergence of single-page applications (SPAs), frontend development has experienced a major drift across the paradigm. The planning, strategies, approaches, implementation, testing; each step has evolved to provide a better development experience. The development world has realized the power of reusable, maintainable, scalable, and structured code flows and cycles, and hence, as a result, the evolution of technologies contributed a lot to the entire experience. Now, it is more robust, trustworthy, scalable, and maintainable. One of the most popular and high-in-demand frontend development technologies is Angular. Angular has revolutionized the way traditional development used to operate and has provided a significant breakthrough in the domain of producing single-page applications. Angular supports component-based development which is highly structured and reusable and hence contributes a great deal in developing SPAs.

In this article, we will explore Angular and its market in great detail. We will start by briefly understanding what exactly Angular is, how and why it is used, what benefits it can provide, its applications, and then proceed towards a quick comparison of Angular with other similar frontend development frameworks and libraries. After discussing the technical and functional aspects of Angular, we will move towards discussing the huge and potential market share that Angular possesses and the benefits that Angular has to offer to its developers. Towards the end, we will walk you through a quick roadmap of becoming an Angular developer and contribute to the massive industry of frontend development. Stay tuned throughout this journey of exploration, it will be worth it!

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