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Introducing The FIRST STRIKE Combatives System Self-Defence Training Course

The ONLY 17 Combatives Moves You’ll Ever Need For Terrible Effectiveness
In Any Violent Encounter, – Each Taught In 3 Minutes Or Less

Yes… you’ll need to practice these moves a bit to awaken your natural instincts. Yet each of these combatives moves is clearly delivered in 3 minutes or less in easy-to-understand videos that you can watch anywhere, even on your phone.

After only weeks – sometimes even just days – you’ll master our most devastating combatives moves including…

  • The ONE devastating strike that ends fights before they begin…
  • 7 Special Forces Locks and Breaks that render any attacker “combat ineffective” in seconds… (so simple to learn you’ll wonder why no one teaches this)
  • Simple attack strategies to defend against any edged weapon and disarm your assailant
  • The most unorthodox method of delivering strikes that confuses and bewilders and leaves your assailant lying on the floor wondering what the hell just happened
  • An easy-to-learn takedown that turns your attacker’s intentions against him and will likely leave him with a face full of broken teeth (practice this one first because one thing is for sure in a fight – it almost always goes to the ground)
  • The ONLY tactic you should use in the sights of a crazed maniac intent on a MASS SHOOTING (this means the difference between you and those around you getting out alive, or ending up in a pine box)
  • The mind trick that enables you to disrupt your assailant’s thoughts before you even go hands-on (you’ve known how to do this for years but have probably never known the right time to use it)
  • 3 simple strategies to quickly end the fight fast and keep you from getting your head caved in when a fight goes to the ground

Simple 3 Minute Videos Guarantee You Learn

  1. All 17 Devastating Moves Quickly & Easily
  2. Remember, you’ll absorb these moves in a matter of days or weeks rather than through years of martial arts training. And since each move is presented in a simple and easy-to-understand 3-minute video, you’ll quickly and easily master the system.
  3. And Knowing you’ve unlocked your instinctive ability to unleash these deadly effective moves will give you the confidence that others can detect and that often ends an encounter before it begins.

Remember: You are not just getting the First Strike combatives system. You will also get the Command Presence manual, the Advanced Situational Awareness guide, PLUS a couple surprise bonuses I’ll get to in a minute. Go to training course providers website for more info.

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