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Hospitality and Tourism are often described as ‘the pleasure industry’ or ‘the welcome industry’. It’s an industry where communication is the key feature. It’s also an international industry and will involve a range of inter-cultural encounters. The language of this industry is quite clearly English in an international context, but it is also the language of meeting needs, of providing high levels of service, of understanding people, of delighting people, of solving problems.

From a teaching point of view, the emphasis is firmly on functional language – giving information, making recommendations, dealing with problems and so on – and on creating a realistic situational practice where language functions can be demonstrated and developed alongside basic service-oriented performance.

Who Should Attend

This course is exclusively designed for those who need to enhance and advance their English skills in the field of the hospitality and tourism surroundings.
It is aimed at junior executives, personal assistants, sales and marketing people, and those who want to improve and widen their use of the English language in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Learning Objectives

  • The course will cover the following areas:
  • Written Communication
  • Review of basic sentence structure and parts of speech
  • Review of tenses and relating them to writing in the context
  • Common mistakes in writing
  • Writing effective reports, letters, e-mails and memos
  • Integrating vocabulary and grammar into writing for hospitality and tourism
  • Writing of minutes
  • Writing for advertising and promotions

Oral Communication

  • Formal English vs. Informal English
  • Spoken English mistakes made commonly
  • Case Studies
  • Customer service skills, Telephoning skills and speaking to clients professionally
  • Conflict resolution and negotiating skills
  • Speaking to clients professionally
  • Conducting successful presentations
  • Checking, clarifying and problem-solving
  • Making arrangements
  • Taking and leaving messages

Course Benefits

  • This course is designed to give you the confidence you may encounter in everyday hospitality industry situations. You can expect to be able to;
  • Expand your practical skills of understanding in the field of hospitality and tourism concepts
  • Expand listening skills that require when listening to information and keywords
  • Expand your communication skills and mastering vital phrases in the field of hospitality and tourism
  • Improve the use of the English language confidently in term of fluency
  • Use grammatical structure precisely
  • Widen the existing vocabulary in the target field
  • Enhance communication skills with potential customers, clients and colleagues in English

Course Provider Chestnut Education Group
Course Fee £2950+VAT
Course Delivery classroom
Course Duration 1 week
Website Link Training Providers Website
Phone Number +(44) 203 290 4397
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