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This is a comprehensive course covering the following areas:

– Sample preparation
– Sample introduction
– Sample separation
– Columns
– Detectors
– Data acquisition
– Troubleshooting
– Reporting


– Understanding the basic theoretical aspects of Gas Chromatography.
– Communicate practical information, capabilities, and limitations of Gas & Liquid Chromatography
– Acquire confidence in the analysis technique, troubleshooting, and analytical results evaluation.

Course Outline

Day 1
Introduction to Chromatography

– The History of Chromatography – GC & LC
– Overview of GC & LC Chromatography.
– The Modern Chromatograph.
– Chromatography Nomenclature.
– Factors Controlling Retention.
– Effects of Stationary Phase Loading on the Performance of a Chromatographic System.
– Liquid Chromatography – The Development Process.
– Molecular Forces and Chromatographic Selectivity.

Day 2
Chromatography Basics

– Basic Chromatography.
– Sample Introduction.
– The role of sample introduction and injection ports in GC operations.
– Injection ports maintenance and its impact on GC performance.
– Columns.
– The role of columns in GC operations.
– Column selection & maintenance.
– How columns can impact GC performance.

Day 3
GC Operation

– Peak Dispersion in a Chromatographic Column.
– Detector Selection.
– The role of Detectors in GC operations.
– Detector maintenance.
– How detectors can impact GC performance.
– Setup and GC. Operation, Basic steps.
– Preparation for operation.
– Sampling Techniques.
– Data Acquisition and Calibration.

Day 4

– Data Acquisition and Processing System.
– Calibration linked to GC performance.
– Applications and troubleshooting.

Day 5
Chromatography Applications

– Method Development.
– Gas Chromatography.
– Liquid Chromatography.
– ISO17025 Accreditation Basics.
– Laboratory Management & Troubleshooting.

Course Provider London Premier Centre
Course Fee 3900 GBP
Course Delivery Face to face
Course Duration One Week
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Phone Number +442080900464
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