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This Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Course is a MUST for every therapist looking to set up practice.

This powerful online course is an excellent resource for anyone wishing to advance into this field. An in-depth course on how to help your clients lose weight using the Gastric Band Procedures. Covers everything you will need to know about this fascinating subject.

What Will You Learn At This Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Course?

The world is getting fatter. In short, it’s killing itself. You hold the solution. This is why you learned everything you have about hypnosis. You have the knowledge not to only change lives, but literally to save them. This course puts all the pieces of your hypnotic jigsaw together. You will love the results you see.

Scientists predict by 2030 there will be 1.1 billion people globally suffering from diabetes. Doctors pull no punches when they blame the disease squarely at the door of obesity. Who can blame them? The fat figures are alarming. In 2012 16% of women and 13% of men were obese. In 2014 that figure had escalated to 26% of women and 24% of men. Shockingly in 2015 only 34 % of women and 39% of men were found to have a body mass index between the ideal ranges of 18.5 -24. What’s more, Britain is a veritable obesity novice next to its US compatriot. Our world is about to bust its belt. With coronary heart disease, blood pressure, kidney disease and even strokes all having high-risk factors from obesity, the planet needs a solution. It thought it had found one in the gastric band. But like every magical treatment treating symptoms rather than causes of disease, it has both emotional and physical side effects. Think of it like Gok’s fabulous magic knickers, the fat disappears almost immediately. But the problem, still hiding, sooner or later has to spill out. That’s where hypnosis not only competes but leaves the surgical option way back down the playing field. Surgery works well with a 70% success rate. But hypnosis smashes the ball right out of the park with a whopping 80% success statistic to boast about. Why? Because it uses a holistic approach which assesses the core problems which caused the over-eating in the first place. There is no risk of infections or surgical complications, only pure and simple weight loss.

The course is designed to be a series of five treatments. Each session will take between 2-3 hours and so gastric band clients can be counted as between 10-15 billable hours. Whether you decide to schedule the treatments over five consecutive days or a week apart depends on both preference and also your current client schedules.

Every successful client will be a walking advertisement for just what you can do.

Welcome to a world of the impossible made manifest.

If you want to add more skills to your toolbox and to learn how you can use these powerful advanced techniques to help others then this online course is for you!

Course Provider Centre Of Excellence
Course Fee £147.00
Course Delivery online
Course Duration 150 hours
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Country United Kingdom
State/Province England
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