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Three major companies are already facing a record breaking fine from the ICO after a data breach, which hasn’t only come at a financial cost, but also a reputational one.

This Identifying, Preventing and Managing Data Breaches course has been specifically designed to help your company avoid fines, reputational damage and risk to future business.

Through interactive workshops and sessions ensure your information governance procedures comply with the latest regulation; develop procedures to prevent a data breach; effectively identify and respond to a customer data breach; understand when to or not to report a breach and create more robust anti-data breach strategies.

Leave the day with a data breach prevention toolkit, which will ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your customers data.

Learning Outcomes:
– Understand the legal requirements for reporting a personal data breach
– Effectively identifying data breaches
– Develop more robust procedures to prevent data breaches
– Create a robust reporting and investigating procedure
– Design a foolproof data prevention toolkit

About the Trainer: Iain Harrison

Iain Harrison is a specialist on data protection, environmental information, freedom of information and open data, information security and surveillance law.

Iain brings 15 years of experience in delivering consultancy, advice and guidance in information law-related topics to a variety of public, private and voluntary organisations. He currently manages an Information Governance & Risk Team and is responsible for preparation and implementation of the GDPR within a large unitary local authority and giving support to its partner organisations.

Course Provider UMG Training
Course Fee £595.00+VAT
Course Delivery Face-to-Face
Course Duration Tuesday 10 December 2019 | 09:15-16:30 | Central London
Website Link Training Providers Website
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