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ISSoW Performing Authority

The Integrated Safe System of Work (ISSoW) is an important part of any oil and gas company’s Safety Management System as it helps to ensure that all work is planned, communicated, controlled and carried out in a safe manner.

The Atlas ISSoW online training programme is split into two levels specifically designed to provide ISSoW training for Work Party Members and Performing Authorities, respectively.

The training programme aims to provide learners with a broad understanding of the ISSoW, the different types of Work Control Certificates, the general and specific roles and responsibilities, as well as the procedural steps involved in an Integrated Safe System of Work.

The programme focuses on the rules, roles and responsibilities and legislative compliance involved in operating a Safe System of Work. The programme is not intended to replace any specific ISSoW software training.

Successful completion of the courses within the programme means that there will be no need to undertake any further site-specific ISSoW courses. However, to keep their skills up-to-date it is suggested learners complete refresher ISSoW training at least every two years.

  1. Know that all work activities at all sites are carried out under the ISSoW
  2. Know that training, to the appropriate level, of all personnel working within the ISSoW is mandatory
  3. Know the purpose of ISSoW
  4. Know that all work is controlled using Work Control Certificates
  5. Know that Work Control Certificates are generated by a formal process using a specialist software tool
  6. Know that there are different types of Work Control Certificates that can be used and that these are selected depending on the hazards involved with the work
  7. Be familiar with the layout of a typical Work Control Certificate and the location of the information
  8. Know how a Work Control Certificate can be supported by Isolation Confirmation certificates and other Certificates, and what these are
  9. Know that Work Control Certificates have unique ID numbers for tracking purposes
  10. Know the limitations of a Confined Space Entry WCC, i.e. that it does not provide permission to work
  11. Be aware that there are documents called Isolation Confirmation Certificates, recognise their functions and know what they look like
  12. Have an overview of some of the roles and responsibilities of key personnel in the ISSoW
  13. Know that there are general responsibilities that apply to the operation of the ISSoW and be able to identify worksite safety requirements
  14. Recognise that there are specific responsibilities for the Performing Authority that apply to the operation of the ISSoW
  15. Know the handover duties of a Performing Authority
  16. Know the precautions that personnel must always be aware of
  17. Know the Isolation requirements for putting in place Electrical and Mechanical Isolations
  18. Know that other work activities in the same area may be cross-referenced on the Work Control Certificate and that this will be highlighted and explained by the PA in the Toolbox Talk
  19. Know how work is classified
  20. Know that work must always follow the approved workscope as described on the Work Control Certificate and supporting documentation
  21. Know that all work is planned on a 90-day schedule and discussed for coordination within the ISSoW supervisors’ meetings onsite
  22. Know that the ISSoW encompasses Risk Assessment and the hazards and controls from this assessment are captured on the Work Control Certificate
  23. Have an overview of the procedural steps involved in the Work Control System
  24. Know the roles of personnel in the Toolbox Talk and recognise that personnel can stop work starting
  25. Explain the two levels of Risk Assessment in the ISSoW

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Course Provider Atlas Knowledge
Course Fee £125
Course Delivery Online
Course Duration 100 mins
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State/Province Scotland
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