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The arena of E-commerce broke new grounds after the outburst of COVID-19 due to a spike in online shopping and demand for the safest product deliveries. With the expected boom in competition at a whopping grand scale shortly, entrepreneurs are yearning only for the best eCommerce solution to set a cutting edge. That’s where the significance of ‘Magento’ enters into play. It is a wide-wide popular open-source eCommerce platform written in PHP that helps developers to create eCommerce websites.

To a little more surprise, Magento also helps the merchants to relish the desired traffic to their store by offering the scope of advanced search engine optimization (SEO). By optimizing the Magento eCommerce website for SEO, users can create room for bonus conversions and substantial ROI (Rate Of Interest).

Being flexible and versatile, Magento eCommerce is becoming a big-picture for passionate digital business owners for its list of features. Until now, it is the top-rated solution for 12% of total online sellers in the world. What’s more phenomenal is that it also results in the right set of circumstances for Magento developers as they aim to take the industry to new heights with their technical efforts. Thus, here is a complete guide about Magento development for one who wishes to know, ‘what is Magento and wants to make the best of its growing popularity among eCommerce in the high-tech world.

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