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NLP is an understanding of how we code our life experiences and give them meaning. By understanding this, we can use strategies and techniques to create change in our behaviour and results, which help us to maximise our potential. More and more teachers are realising the value of NLP in enabling them to become more effective at managing their own mental and emotional wellbeing. In fact, NLP techniques and models are now being used in a diverse range of areas including therapy, coaching and education, personal development and mental health.

This training is 7 consecutive days in an accelerated learning format and is complementary to Part 1: NLP Practitioner home study theory. Here are the main components of our live training which have been examined and certified as the bee’s knees by The ANLP and ABNLP.

An understanding of the Mind-Body connection
Understand and read body language
NLP Presuppositions which positively influence your world
Enter someone else’s world for greater understanding of others
Communicate effectively
Have better rapport and quickly gain a connection with others
Fire off positive states in others and yourself at will (Anchoring)
Remove bad feelings associated with triggers from the past
Change your unwanted feelings and behaviours
Learn to say ‘No’ whilst avoiding conflict
Elegantly persuade and influence others Illicit someone’s decision making strategy
Understand and utilise the strategies that we each run
Understand a person’s eye movements so that you can understand the strategies they use, and custom your sales techniques for maximum results
Design and install strategies for yourself and others to rapidly achieve your desired results
Discover the unique ways in which our nervous system processes information from our senses
Learn how to match the preferred sensory preferences of others to create congruent communication
Understand others eye movements to understand how they are processing information internally
Understand the coding used by your nervous system and create better experiences of life
Understand habits and create new empowering alternatives in a moment.
Create new empowering beliefs
Learn the Fast Phobia model to remove a lifetime phobia in minutes
Set goals and well-formed outcomes that can be achieved with ease
Utilise questioning techniques that help a person identify their objectives.
Learn language patterns that create change in a person’s internal representation
Use your language to create trance in others (Milton Model)
Use your language to get more specificity and deeper meaning within your conversation (Meta-Model) Influence and negotiate with ease and power
Change others with the art of conversation to enable them to become solution-focused
Learn about the prime directives and functions of your unconscious mind
Use verbal and non-verbal suggestion

The best investment into your self-development you will ever make is going to cost you just £3600

Trust me, you’re worth every penny.

Course Provider People Building
Course Fee £3,600
Course Delivery Classroom, face to face
Course Duration 7 Days
Website Link Training Providers Website
Phone Number 0345 319 2666
Country United Kingdom
State/Province England
distance: 452 Miles
Address Hemel Hempstead
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