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Pet Sitting And Dog Walking Course

Anyone who loves animals and wants to start their own successful pet sitting business will benefit from this information-packed course. The course will teach you everything you need to know about caring for pets, including the legalities and insurances needed. Provide your clients with complete peace of mind when using your services with this industry recognised certification.

Introduction to Pet Sitting Diploma

The Pet Sitting Diploma is an online course which has been broken down into twenty-three manageable and information packed modules, which should take around fifteen hours to complete. The course covers everything you need to know about setting up and running your own successful pet sitting business.

During your online studies, you enjoy the convenience of online support and the ability to study using any device with online modules you can access at any time from anywhere. You get to study at your own pace with no schedules, so you can still work full time while preparing to start your own business on the side and in the future.

On successful completion of the course, you will need to complete the multiple-choice test, which questions you on things you will have learned throughout the twenty-three modules. On passing, you will gain immediate access to your certificate, which you can then download and print.

What You Will Learn

The manageable twenty-three modules are designed to teach you everything you need to know when offering pet sitting services, this includes:

  1. Get an introduction to pet sitting. This includes health and safety and animal welfare, how to approach an animal and why security is so important.
  2. Learn about safety for you and the pet. Learn about written health and safety policies and when you need one, how to protect yourself and risks involved when it comes to pet sitting.
  3. Understand the legal requirements involved along with the five zoonotic diseases, the animal boarding act, health and safety at work and the importance of protecting your clients’ information.
  4. Learn more about dog walking. Learn how to build your pack of dogs and signs of dog aggression along with the different types of dog aggression.
  5. Understand the importance of a pre-service visit, preparing pet information sheets and the documentation needed.
  6. Learn the five forms you must include in your client packs, how to comply with the Data Protection Act and storing your clients’ information and how to use your client packs to increase your profits.
  7. Identify with day to day pet sitting, including how long you need to allocate for each dog walk, the order you need to use when taking care of each pet and time to set aside between appointments.
  8. Learn how to transport animals safely.
  9. Learn more about effective animal handling. You will learn the three-step process to minimise stress in animals and when you should and shouldn’t approach an animal.
  10. Learn more about dogs and cats from the different breeds of nutritional requirements.
  11. Get an understanding of fish. This includes the three groups and breeds. It will teach you the different water temperature requirements, how often water needs to be changed and how to test the water for nitrates.
  12. Understand how to care for rodents from cage cleaning frequency to breeds and types that you may be asked to care for.
  13. Learn how to care for rabbits and guinea pigs from their nutritional needs to behavioural traits and more.
  14. Learn everything you need to know about reptiles including feeding requirements, temperature requirements and behavioural traits.
  15. Get an understanding of various pet ailments and how to care for them.
  16. Learn essential pet first aid that you may have to use when offering your services.
  17. Get valuable information on setting up and running your own successful pet sitting business.
  18. Learn how to market your business effectively to reach the right target audience.
  19. Identify pricing and costs.
  20. Take advantage of the useful troubleshooting section to provide you with guidance and advice for your pet sitting business.

Benefits of the Pet Sitting Diploma Course

This effective training course provides you with a number of benefits, these include:

  • You can use the diploma to improve your career prospects.
  • You will be given the information and insight you need to start your own business.
  • The course is broken down into manageable modules.
  • You study online from anywhere using any device.
  • You can study at your own pace with no deadlines to meet.
  • Receive online support throughout your studies.
  • Industry recognised certificate you can download, print and include in your client information packs.

Course Provider New Skills Academy
Course Fee £299.00
Course Delivery Online
Course Duration 15 hours
Website Link Training Providers Website
Phone Number 0845 259 0244
Country Germany
distance: 55 Miles
Address Am Fischerweg 42, 34497 Korbach, GermanyBroadmeads Pumping Station Hertford Rd Ware Hertfordshire SG12 9LH
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