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This course is for those higher up on the sales ladder. This sales management training course seeks to empower sales people at the top of their game, in order to motivate and drive world class sales teams.


By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

– Show characteristics of an excellent sales manager.
– Plan forecasts and quotas with more accuracy and precision.
– Set up sales coaching and counselling sessions effectively.
– Utilise and train the sales team to generate increased sales and profits.
– Show leadership and team building abilities to optimise sales results.
– Schedule effective and productive coaching sessions and individual sales performance reviews.

Course Outline

Day 1

Sales Management and the Marketing Mix

– Common Characteristics of the Sales Force.
– The Sales Competency Model.
– The Primary Responsibilities and Roles of the Sales Manager.
– The Sales Management Functions.
– Major Mistakes Sales Managers Make.

Day 2

Planning, Strategy and Organization

– Structuring and Deploying the Sales Force.
– Establishing Sales Strategies.
– Sales Planning Basics.
– Sales Forecasting Guiding Principles.
– Sales Forecasting Techniques.
– Territory Design, Allocation and Management.

Day 3

Sales Process Management

– Comprehending the Psychology of the Buyer.
– Characteristics of Successful Sales People.
– Identifying the components of the Sales Process.
– Mastering the Sales Process Milestones.

Sales Management Capstone Competencies

– Recruiting Sales People (Process and Interview).
– Identifying Key Responsibilities.
– Pinpointing Critical Tasks.
– Training Sales People for Results.
– The Field Training Process.

Day 4

Team Leadership and Motivation

– Team Inventory and Assessment.
– Identifying Team Roles, Strengths and Weaknesses.
– Coaching Sales People for Peak Performance.
– Leadership Principles and Skills.
– Motivation: Guidelines and Roadmaps.
– Incentive Compensation Design.

Day 5

Sales Performance Management

– The Critical Importance of Setting Standards.
– Types of Standards.
– Sales Force Analytics and Reporting.
– Aligning Metrics with Sales Performance.
– Sales Evaluation Methods.
– Confronting Incompetence.

Course Provider London Premier Centre
Course Fee 3850 GBP
Course Delivery Face to face
Course Duration One Week
Website Link Training Providers Website
Phone Number +44 (0) 20 8090 0464
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