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“The Client Conversation and the Triangles were outstanding. I got confidence in how to deal with my clients. I had not expected that this course would boost me up to be more open to the customers and speak with them more freely, but it did. The methods and processes will not only be helpful in my regular work, but also in solving my family, community and society” – Neha Shrestha

This course is scheduled in partnership with ICA Associates of Canada and ICA: the UK, the participation & development charity. It is scheduled during International Facilitation Week, in Birmingham immediately prior to the annual all-England & Wales meetup of the International Association of Facilitators.

ICA Associates Inc. has developed this course as part of its ToP Facilitation Essentials Program. I shall be joined for this new course for 2018 by Bill Staples as a guest; Bill is one of the founders of ICA’s Technology of Participation, a principal partner of ICA Associates; and the main designer of Facilitating Client Collaboration. Bill is happy to bring this course to Europe for the first time, and will make the course come alive will illustrations from many fields.

Bill has worked around the world with many organization and is well known in the field of facilitation. He is the author of “Transformational Strategy: Facilitating ToP Participatory Planning and is the publishing editor of the IAF Journal Group Facilitation. Bill is also a founding member of IAF and was among the first facilitators to be inducted into the IAF Hall of Fame.

Who This Training Course Is For

This course is for facilitators and consultants who want to work with a client to develop complex or long-term interventions; for managers, supervisors and staff who must enhance a group’s potential to create generate solutions to long-term situations; and for leaders who need to design participatory processes with ;The course has no pre-requisite, but prior experience of facilitation is recommended.

Preparing for CPF certification? Meetings That Work and Group Facilitation Methods are two of three modules of the ICA Associates Professional Facilitator Program endorsed by the International Association of Facilitators for those preparing to become an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF). Together with this course, they comprise the new ToP Facilitation Essentials Program that has been submitted for IAF endorsement.

Questions This Course Answers

“How can I work collaboratively with my client to assess the situation and needs of a group or organisation, design a process response including multiple sessions all the way through to evaluation, and contract together for our respective roles and responsibilities?”

This 2-day course shows how to collaborate with a client about all their needs, co-discover their big challenges, co-manage a robust facilitation intervention, contract with the client and evaluate the results. Packed with tools, templates and sophisticated assessment methods, Facilitating Client Collaboration will prepare you to launch your facilitation practice.

Create collaborative client relationships:

  • Develop working partnerships
  • Manage multi-session events effectively

Evoke group creativity:

  • Assess the organizational environment and client needs.
  • Determine client challenges and solutions.
  • Use innovation approaches that fit the abilities of the group.

Best practices for working together:

  • Develop consensus on tasks, deliverables and roles
  • Model professional boundaries
  • Templates from contracting to evaluation

Facilitating Client Collaboration uses real case studies from master practitioners to prepare you for your facilitation profession.

What Will You Gain From This Training Course?

Learn important methods for all forms of planning:

  • Client calls and conversations
  • Participatory client assessment – helping clients understand long-range needs from a comprehensive screen.
  • Social Process tool – uncover client challenges and imbalances in their work
  • Templates – co-management, contracting, evaluation.

Each session includes:

  1. Demonstration of participatory processes.
  2. Exploration of how the process can be applied.
  3. Examples from real experience that reveal practices that lead to success.
  4. Variations for different situations.

Course Provider Martin Gilbraith Associates Ltd
Course Fee from £395
Course Delivery face-to-face
Course Duration 2 days
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Phone Number 07876 722712
Country United Kingdom
State/Province England
distance: 519 Miles
Address BVSC, Digbeth, Birmingham
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