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Every year across the globe, floods cause the loss of a number of lives and considerable damage to properties, which severely sets back the development process. The climate change, global warming, rapid urbanization and socio-economic disparity are making the world, vulnerable to floods. The need to combat the perennial problem of floods and resultant destruction has been a forefront concern for most nations, which calls for a proactive approach to establishing a disaster risk reduction regime for safer and sustainable development.


5 days.


This course is particularly useful for professionals working with flood disaster risk management. The course is open to participants from all countries. Participation of decision-makers, elected and appointed national and local administrators, development and planning authorities, water engineers and flood control professionals, officials in urban planning, housing, public works, and water resource and management is especially encouraged. The course will likewise benefit private land developers, emergency response personnel, UN and other international agencies, and NGOs working on disaster mitigation.

As course participants come from different countries and organizations, class size is limited to 30 people. ADPC will accept nominations on a first-come-first-served basis provided the applicant meets the course requirements.


By the end of the training, the learner should be in a position to:

• Upon competition of the course, participants will be able to:
• Discuss the dynamics of flood risk in a changing climate
• Evaluate the extent of flood risk and vulnerability, and assess the capacity to respond
• Develop comprehensive strategies for flood risk management in a changing climate
• Apply climate-smart structural and non-structural measures for flood risk mitigation
• Develop preparedness and response plans for effective flood risk reduction
• Integrate flood recovery programs to flood risk management strategies
• Address cross-cutting issues in flood risk management


• Introduction to Integrated Flood Risk Management
• Climate Change and Impending Flood Risk
• Flood Risk Assessment
• Flood Risk Mitigation
• Flood Disaster Preparedness and Response Planning Process
• Flood Recovery Planning & Implementation


Proficiency in use of English language
Meet admission criteria

The training is delivered using a blended learning approach such as presentations, group work, guided sessions of practical exercise and web-based tutorials.
START DATE: 04/23/2018
END DATE: 04/27/2018

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