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Violence against women and girls was chosen as one of the critical areas of action following the Beijing Conference. It has been recognized as a cross-cutting issue affecting the lives of victims from a diversity of dimensions including culture, education, health, economy, psychology, livelihoods and political participation.

This presents a key opportunity for different players, including government agencies, NGOs, United Nations agencies and other institutions, to build an understanding on issues of violence and undertake activities to combat violence. This online course is imperative to build this understanding and initiate and strengthen programmes combating gender-based violence.

This course is aimed at building the capacity and commitment of participants to undertake programs targeted at eradicating gender-based violence and to develop a new movement for gender equality.


5 days.


This course is meant for gender focal points, programme managers and professionally responsible for developing and implementing interventions aimed at combating gender-based violence or promoting gender equality. They include researchers, policy-makers, activists, women advocates and feminists, students, a staff of NGOs and CBOs, a staff of UN specialized agencies, donor agency field workers, volunteers, development actors, trainers, students, government officials etc.


  • The aim of the course is to;
  • Increase participant’s knowledge and understanding of the concept of gender, and gender-based violence, sexuality, and rights.
  • Look at the various forms of gender-based violence and the core principles for a code of conduct, reporting mechanisms and developing a programmatic response.
  • Examine the concepts of gender, gender-based violence, sexuality, and rights.
  • Explore the impact of gender-based violence on education, health, and development.


  1. Introduction to Gender
  2. The concept of gender and development
  3. Introduction to gender-based violence
  4. Types of Gender-based violence
  5. Gender-based violence from a human rights perspective
  6. Gender Mainstreaming
  7. The Role of Men in Gender Mainstreaming
  8. Gender Mainstreaming Best practices
  9. Action Against Gender-based Violence
  10. Ways of Combating Gender-based Violence
  11. International Legal Human Rights Instruments Related to GBV


  • Proficiency in use of English language
  • Meet admission criteria


The instructor-led pieces of training are delivered using a blended learning approach and comprise of presentations, guided sessions of practical exercise, web-based tutorials, and group work. Our facilitators are seasoned industry experts with years of experience, working as professional and trainers in these fields.

START DATE: 02/19/2018
END DATE: 02/23/2018
Kshs 70,000 $800
APPLY ONLINE: goo.gl/97kzpL

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