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    Default Does Anyone Know How Much Flying School Costs?

    I love planes, in fact I go to the airport sometimes just to chill out in the café and watch the planes come in. I dream of becoming a pilot, but I am from a poor family who will never have the money to send me to flying school. I have heard that most pilots attend private schools, get good qualifications and then go to some flying academy to get their wings. I am 15 at the moment and I am thinking that maybe I could save the money myself by getting a part time job or selling stuff on eBay. Does anyone know how much flying school costs? Also, I have heard that you can learn to fly abroad cheaper than in the UK, is this true and how much would that cost? I want a licence that would allow me to fly for any world airline.

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    Hello I'm happy to be 1st one to answer your question.
    As I know it's very expensive to have lessons in how to be pilot.
    As I know it could be 100 or 120 $ per hour and sure the more hours you take the more professional you become and there are many flying schools in united states in florida.
    But as I see you are too young to become a pilot I think at least you must be 20 years or old, thats all I know and I wish you got what you was asking about.


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    Default Become A Pilot And Touch The Skies

    Hi Jack, Quite a number of people dream of flying airplanes so that they could become pilots, travel conveniently or for reasons of a career. If you wish to become a pilot, here is how you could go about it.

    Let us talk about the minimum requirements first. In the United States, the requirements of the Federal Aviation Administration for getting a pilot’s license are many. You have to be a minimum of 17 years of age. You should be able to speak English. You must pass a basic medical exam. You must pass a written knowledge exam as well as a flying exam.

    Every country has similar but varying requirements. You will have to confirm with the governing aviation organization for specific requirements. You must know that flying is safer as compared to driving. Non military and non airliner flying, i.e. general aviation flying has just 10% of the number of accidents that automobiles have on the basis of per-vehicle-mile. The rate of accidents is decreasing since the last quarter of a century. There are a number of reasons why this kind of flying is safe. Some of them are very thorough training as well as retraining, demanding specifications for building aircrafts and state of the art technology for instruments in the cockpit. Pilot training includes flight and ground school. It has on its agenda flight planning, rules and regulations, navigation techniques, use of the radio and understanding the conditions of weather.

    To get the certificate, you have to pass the written exam of FAA and the flying test or check ride. The cost of pilot training would depend on the area you reside in, the amount of times you fly and the kind of license. It is definitely on the higher side but the rewards you reap in the long run would be huge!

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