Greetings. I hope you can help me become a plumber. I was a white collar worker in a prestigious firm before the economy took a turn for the worst and I am now currently jobless. In my youth, I knew this neighbour who taught me the basics of taking care of pipes and stuff. I have seen several offers both online and in print about quick plumber courses that can get me an income immediately. Are those any good? I have always gathered that a plumber is a skill-based job, hence mastery of it requires years of experience and a wide client base. I am currently meeting the plumbing needs of my relatives and neighbours, and though I still make mistakes, I do an overall good job. I was wondering what I need to do to advance in this new career and what it takes to reach "journeyman" or even "master" status. Are there really any legitimate institutions or organizations whose certifications carry weight during job applications? What would I need to do to be recognized by these? Should I avail myself of these short plumbing courses? Please help me out. Thanks!