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    Default Opening Up A Beagle Shop

    There is a complete lack of bagel shops in my home town, and I was playing with the idea of opening up one, using authentic recipes. Do you think introducing something unknown to people would be met with good success?

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    If there isn't many, then I would say go for it. People who like breakfast options will enjoy a place like this. Maybe run it side by side with coffee and tea. Just keep it simple there and offer all sort so bagels. I think you can be quite successful.
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    These seem to be fairly common around me. Scout out your area, maybe ask around too. See what people think before you actually invest. You can always get a street cart license and sell them on the street to start off.

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    This is a food that can be very hit or miss, much like donuts. You won't make much money opening a donut shop in an area where people are health conscious.
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