I have a degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering, and 3 years and 2 months of experience in QA Software Testing. I really liked the job I did - test products that the company periodically came up with for sale, Coffee Beans, Travel and Living, I liked the products more than the actual job of testing (websites, backend entries, product flow), and I enjoyed "client" communications (I worked in an offshore establishment) and within the team, as compared to the technical task at hand. Especially the few "product" meetings that we attended, which put the developer to sleep, but I totally enjoyed sitting there, understanding the nitty-gritties that went into product development.

So I was wondering if there was some path I could take into Product development? I am currently on a sabbatical, took time off work last April to sort some personal stuff, and to think about where to go. I'm ready to come back into action, and was wondering what would be the right direction to approach this.

Should I take a degree in Product Management? I couldn't find many on Quora apart from MBAs which a lot of people didn't recommend, quoting experience as a better candidate. I don't live in North America, or Europe (Preferred locations, I live in Asia), and I think higher education is the best way into these countries. I'm fine with any European or North American country, though I would love it if it were in America, or Scotland (LOVE the countryside!)

I'm also open to any other recommendations that you may have with respect to career paths, I'm pretty much open to anything. I don't have a "this is how it is supposed to be", as long as I enjoy the task at hand - solving problems, guiding a product through to completion, communicating with the team, having a good time!, I'm okay with pretty much anything, as long as it has growth and stability, from personal responsibilities point of view. I'm not particular about "fast" or "slow" paced jobs, any pace would do, as long as it was engaging, fun, and gave me enough to take care of my responsibilities and peace. Any other responsibilities that went with the job, like late night calls, sudden product disruptions, long weeks leading up to a release, and working from home on Holidays, are totally okay!

My profile summary is as below, what would you recommend I do? There are opportunities in my country to pick up where I left off, but the competition is stiff, and I am not keen to pick up with the same role, which is why I'm asking about the degrees/programmes, also I can afford to pay for them, plus I'm 27 and would love to get started right away with a move, but it looks like in order to do this, I will need either time (and luck, in my country, to approach this from a professional point of view), or a degree in the country of interest.

What would be some good degrees/programmes to pursue? Does the University matter? What certifications should I also consider? What are the opportunities in these areas (North America, Scotland, and Europe), like? Are there some other paths you would recommend to Product Management?

Profile Summary (Most Recent, first):

* 3+ Years of Total IT Industry experience as Software Tester in Agile/Scrum
* 1+ Years of Marketing/Client Communications in a Startup
* 6 Months of Marketing Internship in an Educational Institution

Feel free to ask for any additional details, will be ready to share!

Many thanks!