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    Default How To Beocome a Cleaner

    Its very easy to say that a cleaner can get a job anywhere today. Manual labourers are very few. But still one cannot take it for granted. One should have certain requisits a get a cleaner's job:

    1. You should have strong physical health. You must be quick to move, climbe and bend.

    2. You should be daring to take risk and climb the steps or the ladder.

    3. You should have medical fitness certificate against drugs safety.

    4. You must be a trustworthy person. you must have references to recommend you.

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    Cleaning Jobs In UK |
    Job Interview Questions and Answers

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    Default Cleaner

    As a cleaner, you would be responsible for cleaning the inside of any type of building or transport. You could have other job titles, such as domestic service assistant or cleaning operative. Keeping the areas in which we live and work clean is important work, as it makes our lives safer and more pleasant.

    Entry Requirements by National Services UK

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    I don't think that there would be certain criteria to become a cleaner. To become a clear definitely we need a better physical health but apart from we have the knowledge on how to keep our house of surrounding clean.

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