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    Default How Tutoring Is Regulated In The UK?

    A while back I was asked by my mum’s friend to tutor her daughter in Maths and English. It has been going pretty well and I myself have now finished university. My degree is not in teaching but I would like to tutor others as it brings a real sense of satisfaction to my life. What I would like to know is how tutoring is regulated in the UK. Can I legally be a home tutor without a teaching degree in the relevant subjects? I know there must be some requirements for this industry as the school system itself is heavily regulated. The other question I had was about CRB checks, do I need one to tutor boys and girls over the age of 11?

    Thanks in advance - Kate

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    Default How to Become a Tutor in UK

    There are many people like you Kate that are looking at how to become a tutor in UK. Although there are not many restrictions concerning what you should have, it is important to have the most important basics in mind before going for the job. It is important to take some time in preparing for this type of career and you will find out just how exciting, fulfilling and well paying being a tutor is.

    It is clearly evident that tutoring in the UK is not regulated. This basically means that you will have to show the students and their parents the competence and reliability you have in what you do. With this in mind it is important ensure that you have the right tutoring qualifications on the subjects you are planning to work on. This is usually perfect when you have a qualification of at least a level higher than the particular level you are planning to teach. With this the students and their parents will have trust and hope in you that you will do a good job.

    Secondly, it important to ask for references from individuals that have a relevant experience. With this you can be sure of getting the right guidelines and directions. You should also have positive testimonials from the previous students and parents that you have worked with. This should also be followed by a CV that is up to date stating every particular place that you have worked in.

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    You should have the professional payment in mind for tutors in UK. You can even put down a written agreement so that your professionalism can be demonstrated. The students and their parents should also be willing and serious in their payment commitments. You should also know how to promote yourself by either joining tutoring agencies or doing it independently through the internet.

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