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    I was reading an article about solar job and how the number of people that are working in the solar bower industry has increased a lot and there is till big demand for solar bower specialist. This is a sector I would really like to work, and I am just thinking if anybody can recommend some training courses and some dedicated website I could look for solar jobs.

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    Hello , I have searched a few websites and I have found at last something close to what you want. The website is at this address Installer Training Courses - Solar PV panel Fitting, Installations for Green Deal by Ploughcroft Training and it has all sorts of training courses in every region of UK, including the solar power domain which you are interested in. If you have more questions, feel free to ask at any time. Best of luck.

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    A number of renewable energy training programs have recently sprung up across the country in the private sector, and at universities and community colleges as well. While many excellent programs are available, two are noteworthy because they have been around for more than a decade, successfully training many of the renewable energy entrepreneurs in business today. These two successful models should be the standard against which you compare any other solar education programs you’re considering closer to home.

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