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    Default Domestic Green Engineer Courses And Training

    I am looking for domestic green engineer courses in south east preferably. Course that would cover things like: renewable energy knowledge and theory and also would give me some practical skills, would also help me and give advice to start up my own installer business or help me to find work in this sector.

    Any advice is appreciated, thank you.

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    Hi, I have been looking around some websites and I think I found something you should at least check out. There is a site I have found Solar Training, Solar Installation Course, Ground Source Course which gives a few courses and choices. They also have a Skype number you can call and ask them your questions at 0800 037 99 05 and an online form you can fill out anytime. Check it out, maybe it will be useful to you. Best of luck, Anghel.

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    The New Career Skills (NCS) DGE Programme is aimed at people with little or no experience and aged between 20 to 65.

    Programmes are tailored to fit around your experience and learning speed.

    The DGE Programme takes the blended learning approach to your development. This is a mix of a theory that you do at home, in your own time and practical hands-on training that you do at one of the Centre of Excellence Training Facilities.

    Renewable Energy Training

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