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    Default How To Become A Dog Trainer?

    I have two dogs and I have taught them various commands. Also I have trained some of my friends dogs that wont behave. I am very good with dogs and I would like to become a dog trainer professionally. I would like to know how to get started and what education or training courses are required for that?

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    Default How To Become A Dog Trainer

    Some colleges offer undergraduate courses that include animal behavioural studies. If you want to become a dog trainer, taking one of these courses is the first step you will want to take. There are a lot of different courses you can take, but there is one essential trait the course you choose should have. Make sure the course offers hands on time with actual dogs. The theory of animal behaviour is important, but it is no substitute for practicing with actual dogs. If a course does not offer at least a little hands on time with actual dogs, then it is probably not the right course for you.

    In addition to your official schooling, you are going to want to take the time to learn as much as you can in your free time. Read books and magazines about dogs, and take the time to watch any dog training videos you can get your hands on. The more you can learn, the easier your career as a dog trainer will be.

    You will also want to go to an actual pet training school. It is important to do a lot of research before picking a school, as many of them are not regulated in any way. Find out what credentials the school you are considering has, and try to talk to some of their students if you get the chance. Once you pick a school, and you have completed your training, you will have to get certified.

    You might have to take a job with an animal shelter or similar company before you can get the type of job you are looking for. If you get some experience in a position like that, and continue your education in dog training by reading books, and attending conferences, sooner or later, you will get to work for a proper dog training company.

    Follow these steps, and never stop learning as you go through your career as a dog trainer, and you will have a long and successful career in your field of choice.

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    Really? I thought people just apply for training and licenses for training dogs. I didn't know there's an actual college course for that.

    Do you know of any colleges or institutions who would offer 1 year courses in dog training?

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    Do you feel a special connection with dogs? Have you considered working with them for a living? While there are no formal training requirements, there are certain skills you will need to learn before working as a trainer. Read this article to learn how.

    5 Steps

    Send your resume here for Free assessment.

    Good Luck!

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