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    Default What Does A Butler Do?

    I was reading this thread here: and it seems that Butlers can make quite a bit of money and they have not many expenses either. This is something I would really like to consider doing actually but I would like to get more detailed information what does butler actually needs to do and how long is the training course and how much that will cost and so on. If there are any Butlers or someone who is training to become a Butler please share your information and experience, I would really appreciate that.

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    Default What Does a Butler Do

    A good number of homes have servants who do some of the numerous duties that are always found within the home. There are small homes that often have servants doing not so many duties since the house in itself is not that big. However, there are households that are extremely large and require a good number of these servants to carry out the very many activities that are spread across the house.

    A person who is a servant in one such large house is usually referred to as a butler. Many a time, the house that this butler will work in is split into many sections or departments, each having a range of duties attached to it. A house that has a butler usually has this butler being in charge of the whole house, being in charge of how it looks and making sure that it is always well cleaned and is always looking as appealing as possible.

    Conventionally, a butler is male and is usually the one who is responsible for other male servants. He acts as a kind of manager of the male servant even thought he is a servant himself. If a woman were to take on a similar role, the title would probably change to housekeeper and she would ideally be responsible for the actions of other female servants as well. In the earlier days, butlers were more recognized and as a result received bigger pay as compared to their female counter parts and among all the servants, the butler receives the greatest pay.

    In most of the large households, the butler is totally in control and in charge of food and drinks and he also makes sure that the other servants carry out their duties as required of them. Some home owners actually have more than one home which means that there has to be some sort of centralized format to monitor all the servants across the other houses. An estate manager is thus employed and only he is usually above the butler in terms of administration and responsibility.

    There would be particular functions and duties of a butler if the house owners all had the same taste. This means that as you move from one house to another, the butler's duties seem to vary even though the overall fact is that the butler is in charge of food and drink and controls other servants.

    Historically, the duties of a butler can be traced as far back as the bible times when a butler was looked at as someone who was responsible for serving wine and making sure that everything in terms of drink was well catered for. With time, the functions and duties gained more expanse and today, the duties of a butler can range from simply selecting the menu to actually ensuring that the rooms in the house are well maintained.

    For one to become a well respected butler there might not exactly be a formal training process. Rather, the longer one stays in service at a place with servants, the higher up the ladder one climbs until such a time when they actually end up becoming the butler of the house

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    The Butler title originally applied to the person who had charge of the wine cellar and dispensed liquors, the name being derived from Middle English bottler (and various other forms), and back further from old French bouteillier, "bottle bearer."

    In the European Middle Ages it meant precisely this; bottle bearer, but in time it came to mean an official of the crown, who nominally had charge of the wine but who in fact was a person of high rank, having different duties in different countries at different times.
    What springs to mind when hearing the word 'Butler' is Great-Britain, or rather, England. Although manservants have been employed all over the world as long as one cares to remember, it was the British Butler who transformed this profession into a form of art and thus became the standard in this field.

    A British Butler was authoritative, witty, snobbish, discreet and intelligent. He was respected and feared, even by his employer. He knew all about etiquette, food, drink, sterling silver and glassware. He knew about literature, opera, and history. And if he didn't, he cunningly pretended he did.

    Of course, this is a fictitious Butler. A useful character to have in books and movies. The one who had always 'dunnit', or at least knew who had.

    -Source: General Information

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