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    Default Starbucks Apprenticeships

    I heard that Starbucks has launched an apprenticeship scheme planning to hire up to 250 apprentices and offering training and on the job experience and later on can get higher training qualifications as well.

    It does sound like a fantastic opportunity to get a job and learn the business, however I have not been able to find where I can apply for the program. Would anyone can point me to the right direction or even better if someone has joined the program already and let me know what to expect.

    Thank You

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    Default Starbucks apprenticeship

    I read this article about Starbucks apprenticeship scheme where is says that company will be offering up to 45 apprenticeships that is in barista skills and also customer service role, each month this year, beginning in London this spring. Article is here if you still interested: HR Magazine - National Apprenticeships Week: Starbucks launches its first UK apprenticeship scheme

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    hello mate check it out for details about this job..

    Current Apprenticeship Vacancies | Starbucks Coffee Company

    To find out more about our apprenticeship programme or to apply, please click here.

    Send your resume here for Free assessment.

    Good Luck!

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