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    Default Looking for Croupier Training in London

    I would like to become a croupier, I live in London and I have been looking for croupier training course in London or around London but I just can not find any. I have asked some of the casinos if they can train me in-house but they said That I have to get to licence and training first, they said that there is some companies that do croupier training but nobody could tell me any specific croupier training school I could go to. I did find one croupier training course in Manchester but it is just too far to go to.
    If somebody knows any croupier training school in or around London pleas, pleas let me know.

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    Go to this website:

    At the moment you do not require any formal qualifications to become a croupier.

    (Though this may change by 2012)

    However, you are required by the Academy to undergo a UK residency check, a standard CRB check and a table test after 4 weeks of your training.

    You will receive a London Academy Training Award at the end of your training

    All croupiers require a license,this is known as a personal functional license (PFL) to work in each particular London Casino.

    You will be assisted in this process.

    Certain qualities are needed in order to become a skilled croupier. These are:

    - Overall appearance and grooming
    - Reasonable mental arithmetic agility
    - Distinguishing different colours
    - Manual dexterity
    - Very effective interpersonal and communication skills-

    You will be required to be highly accurate, with speed and efficiency, well disciplined and discrete. However these are skills that we at the Academy train and develop in you over your 8 weeks training. Overall you need to be positive with a determination to succeed.

    This Croupier course costs 980 pounds.

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    Hi, give these people a call and see if they can help :

    Casino Gaming Education Service, 8 Stucley Place, Camden, London NW1 8NS, England, UK.
    Phone: (+44) 020 72673988, Fax: (+44) 020 74285921
    Games taught: All British games
    Remarks: Excellent training over 7 weeks; recruitment for many companies, mainly London Clubs International.

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