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    Default Should I Go Straight Into It?

    Basically I am looking to do an apprenticeship for nursery teaching in which i will train on the job and also earn my SVQ qualification as well. Since I am under 20 years old, it is funded for me.

    Thing is, i don't know whether to get some work experience first before going straight into the apprenticeship. Due to me being 18, i need to apply for a PVG which is £60 just for work experience (although i would imagine that would cover me for my apprenticeship as well). I am unemployed and really am stretched for money as it is. I could be waiting a good few months before i am able to pay for the application for a PVG.

    I am 70/30 about the whole thing. 70% want to do it and 30% unsure which is why i feel i should go get some experience in a nursery, however, like i said above by the time i get the money, apply and get the pvg it may be too late for me to go into the apprenticeship and have to pay for it all myself, so i'm not sure on how to go about it.

    Go straight into applying for the apprenticeship or try and get the money for the pvg and get work experience first? I know there's college courses as well but i'm really keen on doing the apprenticeship!

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    I'd say go straight for the apprenticeship. It will give you valuable work experience, it would be great on resumes, and the place of your apprenticeship may just hire you on. Plus, it will certainly save you some money.

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    I agree, I would just go right to it. This is where you will learn and be very good on your resume. Good luck!

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