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    Question Help With Career Choice

    Hello, my name is Shannon and I have a very important question to ask. I am currently employed as a Nurses Aid and I love the job because I like helping people, but I can no longer handle the problems and senseless drama that my fellow coworkers and supervisors bring to the job, so now unfortunately I am ready to make a career change, but I still want to help people.I am wondering if anybody knows of a career change that will be around in the future in the United States that helps people,but where you don't have to deal with supervisor and coworker drama? i am willing to go back to college if need be. Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon.

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    Default Health Care, Medical & Social Services

    The situation in which you are is becoming increasingly common these days. It is tough to find a work where you wont be dealing with irritating clients or co-workers. The only way out is being your own boss and starting some sort of community start-up, however small it is. If you really want to serve the country then you can join the non profit organization Like NGO jobs and more . It provides you the opportunity of being able to help people.

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    Really, no matter what job you have. If you have co-workers and clients you are going to have drama. It is hard to avoid.

    You might want to stay in the medical field though. What about an RN?

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