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    Default Engineering Bachelors The Right Move?

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for abit of advise.

    I have been working since I left school after my GCSE's I did plumbing for 3 years, then changed and went to the automotive industry for five years. I have now got an NVQ level 3 advanced masters certification in body refinishing and repair. I've also worked at a roller door fabrication company, doing metal fabrication making the doors them selfs. As well as these skills my old man taught me joinery and cabinate making from about the age of 14. I've also renovated two properties in this time as well. My last step was to start my own business doing body repairs, however it is proving extremely slow and its not something I can do on its own.

    However, and this is where I need the advise. I dont want to be doing this for ever, I want to keep chasing my dream job... if its possible.

    I want to be the person who takes a designers idea and atchally makes it possible and produces the working concept model. Either in the automotive industry or more product related ideas. I dont know what the job is though, but I am asuming to get it, the next step would be for me to do a bachelors in mechanical engineering?

    I'm 25 now and I'm under the impression I can get in to uni as a mature student, and with my NVQ level 3 do an acsess course then the normal course in total four years.

    I'm not sure if I'm looking in the right places or even if I should bother at all and just look for another job doing something manual labour based... I dont think I'm enjoying it anymore though, its not interesting enough.

    Thank you very very much for reading.

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    Hi friend,

    You are thinking great. I like your attitude. You have got a tremendous fighting spirit. One thing you must remember is that age is not a bar for studying and learning new things. So if you want to become an engineer it doesn't matter if you are 25 or 35. All you have to do is enroll at some good engineering colleges of India.

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