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    Default Changing From Engineering To Law

    Hello everyone,

    I am prashanth, an engineering undergrad from India. I'm in my senior year as of now and I am really thinking about going to law school. I was wondering if there was anyone who did the same thing, so that I could get an opinion from them about this. Anyone with any kind of idea about this, feel free to share your opinion.

    What I wanted to know is that, whether I have to go through an undergrad program in law again or can I go through a postgraduate program right after my engineering degree ?

    Also I would not mind knowing about the different streams available in law. I have heard a lot of people talking about patent law being a good choice for engineering students aspiring to be lawyers. Is that the only path that could be fruitful for me, after engineering ?

    Lets say I am planning to start my law studies in the USA, will an engineering undergraduate degree(along with LSAT and TOEFL scores) suffice to secure an admission or should I work in a related field(say, as a paralegal or something else) before getting in ?

    What could be a good option for a job for getting an idea about working in law?

    Because I don't want to take up something new and entirely mess up my career.

    Thank You for going through my post.

    And have a nice day.

    If the same topic has been discussed somewhere else, please redirect me to that page too.

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    In terms of the classes, you might just have to take some courses as a undergrad student. Ones that the engineering course didn't cover.

    Since you are so close to getting your engineering degree, why not finish that. Then after you're done if you still wish to pursue law go ahead and go to school for that. Having both degrees would be very helpful for you.

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    Did you go ahead and change degrees?

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