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    Default Looking For A Partner In Security Industry In UK

    Hi Members,
    I am Christopher Andendekisye, C.E.O and Founder, True Road Technologies Limited, a career and Personal Development Company, established in November, 2012 and operating in Tanzania, East Africa

    The core business of the company is Career and Personal Development through employment clinic and seminars to individuals for their career and personal development (you may visit Welcome to True Road Technologies | True Road Technologies).

    Through our service delivery, we have come to a point to understand that, in CV and Interview preparations, a large proportion of our client base is from the private security industry. Furthermore, we have noticed, people joining the industry do not receive any prior formal training on professional security. Most of them are secondary school leavers and that when they are employed they are only given a two week security introduction/orientation, mostly physical exercises-There is no any certification. The reason behind is that, currently there is no any formal training in the country being offered. As of now, private security industry in Tanzania employs more than 2,500,000 people and there are more than 500 companies as private security firms.

    Seeing this as an opportunity, True Road Technologies Limited has a plan to establish a Training Centre/Institute to offer professional security courses, and also offer extinguished professional security services and we are looking for a partner experienced in this Industry.

    Personally, I established this company after looking the way the employment market has a demand in career and development services. However, I am an employee of Sense International, an NGO, with head office in London UK, working as a country Representative in Tanzania.

    In June, on 9-18, I will be visiting London attending Director’s meeting but will have time for personal business from 15th to 18th June, 2013.

    If you have a security company/institute,Would you please allow to visit your office on any date between 15th to 18th June, 2013 so that I can learn more on your services and that we may plan to collaborate to establish an Institute/centre for professional security services in Tanzania.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    I am Christopher Andendekisye,
    C.E.O and Founder,
    True Road Technologies Limited,

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